Request an article

The article request service provides ANZCA fellows, trainees and staff with material that is not held by ANZCA library, free-of-charge. This includes copies of journal articles, chapters from books or conference papers required for your research, patient care and learning.

Searching for articles and submitting requests

The ANZCA Library subscribes to a large number of Australian and international medical journals in the specialised areas of anaesthesia, pain medicine, intensive care medicine and perioperative medicine. These can all be accessed via the library discovery service. Requests can be submitted for any journal article/book chapter/conference paper that is not available full-text.

Please note: The ANZCA library cannot fulfil any inter-library loan requests for books or similar items. However, it is possible to request copies of book chapters.

Submission process

The following options are available to submit article/chapter requests:

  1. I have the article title/want to search for articles* (check for any article/submit request)
  2. I have the complete citation* (check for full-text access/submit request)
  3. I just want to complete a blank request form (submit a request without searching)
*Automatically populates request form with article details

Option 1: I have the article title/want to search for articles* [PDF instructions]

It is possible to submit a request for any article located whilst searching the library discovery service:
  1. Use the search & request button below to search for an article (search in title to limit to a title-only search)​
  2. Filter the results: Expand Library to search = Libraries Worldwide and Format = Articles
    For more tips and tricks on searching using the discovery service, see the Library Help page
  3. If not available full-text:
    • Select the article title
    • Click the Request article via Library button in "Access & Request Options" box on the right of screen*
    • Enter your personal details, tick the copyright indemnification box and click the Submit button
Search & request

Option 2: I have the complete citation*

If you have the complete citation it is possible to check if the article is available full-text using the Search Articles service, and if it is not available to then submit as an article request:
  1. Use the Search Articles request button below to enter the full citation details and search for the article
  2. If available full-text: select View Full Text link
  3. If not available full-text:
    • Select Request article via Library link*
    • Enter your personal details, tick the copyright indemnification box and click the Submit button
Search Articles request

Option 3: I just want to complete a blank request form

It is possible to submit a request/s without searching by going direct to the request form:

Submit article request
Submit chapter request

Other requesting options

Delivery times

The library aims to fulfil article requests within five working days, however this timeframe may be longer if the article is difficult to source.

Articles are normally delivered to the requestor via email in PDF format, however there may be some instances where articles need to be delivered by post (due to copyright restrictions).

Please note: If you require your article/s urgently, please call library staff prior to submitting your request.

Last updated 10:40 31.08.2022