$A1.7 million funding for 2024 research grants

15 December 2023

The ANZCA Foundation has awarded a total of 32 new and second year research grants for 2024.

There are 18 new project grants, seven second year project grants, four novice investigator grants, the Patrons Emerging Investigator Grant, one Professional Practice Research Grant, the Skantha Vallipuram ANZCA Research Scholarship, and an allocation for Clinical Trial Network pilot grants.

Grants awarded in 2024

Thirty-two investigators and teams will be supported in 2024. Their important research will be carried out in leading hospitals and universities in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong, and is a vital part of ANZCA’s continuous advancement of safe, high-quality evidence-based patient care in anaesthesia, intensive care, perioperative medicine and pain medicine, through high quality, medical research and its translation and implementation within clinical practice. 

A team led by Queensland FANZCA Dr Neil Paterson has received the Harry Daly Research Award for the highest ranked project, which was an ANZCA Professional Practice Research Grant for a study into the mental health of anaesthetists.

The research team notes that “anaesthetists conduct their work in a challenging and unpredictable environment where errors can result in patient morbidity and mortality. It is a decade since the National Mental Health Survey of Doctors provided information on the mental well-being of doctors including anaesthetists. The advent of COVID-19 increased demands on anaesthetists with many being redeployed to emergency departments and ICUs. In addition, surgical backlogs imposed further workload pressures, which are ongoing. This has raised the potential for increased psychological distress and burnout with resultant poor work performance and clinician attrition.”
The study team aims to assess the current prevalence of psychological distress in anaesthetists across Australia and New Zealand and examine efficacy and factors that facilitate or undermine staff access to existing support programs. The findings may be used to enhance or redesign existing programs with the research having the potential to improve outcomes for anaesthetists, patients and health organisations.
The grants awarded include nine prestigious ANZCA Named Research Awards. You can read more about these awards and all 2024 research grants in the summer 2023 edition of the ANZCA Bulletin.

Last updated 13:03 15.12.2023