2022 CPD verification (audit) results

03 May 2023

The 2022 verification (audit) of continuing professional development (CPD) activities is complete with a 100 per cent successful verification.

We thank the 472 fellows and CPD participants selected for this year’s verification for updating your CPD portfolios with supportive evidence by the 31 December 2022 submission date.
Our CPD program completes an annual audit to comply with the requirements of the Australia Medical Council (AMC) and Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ) accreditation. A minimum of seven per cent of all fellows and CPD participants are randomly selected through the online CPD portfolio system to verify their CPD activity records each year. Full details are available in our 2023 CPD mandatory compliance policy.  
This excellent result supports the college’s decision to waive the 2023 verification process. This decision was made in August 2022 to best support fellows and CPD participants transition to the evolving CPD requirements established by the AMC and the MCNZ.

The ANZCA and FPM CPD Committee and CPD team are committed to supporting our fellows and CPD participants as we complete the staged transition to our annual CPD program.


How does this compare to previous CPD verifications (audits)?

We have a proud record on accuracy and completion with our annual CPD verification results. This is the second year in a row 100 per cent compliance has been achieved.  Since 2016, the college's CPD verification processes has resulted between 98-100% compliance. This demonstrates the dedication year on year that fellows and CPD participants have to demonstrating their CPD compliance.


No audit in 2023

There will be no audit in 2023. This supports our fellows and CPD participants in familiarising themselves with the updated CPD requirements as established by the regulators. Upon completion of our staged transition process to an annual program, as of 1 January 2024, all fellows and CPD participants will be required to complete annual CPD requirements.


CPD team tip for future audit selection

Good news! CPD activities that have auto-populated  to your online CPD portfolio do not require additional evidence.
These CPD activities are likely to be ANZCA or FPM-run events (e.g., ASM, FPM spring meeting), workplace-based assessments (WBA) logged in the training portfolio system (TPS), or online learning through Learn@ANZCA. Once participants have confirmed the CPD activity from their ‘pending activities’, no additional evidence is required for our CPD verification processes.


Congratulations to our supportive, proactive and committed fellows and CPD participants. The college proudly acknowledges your efforts and the excellency of your specialities and medical practice.
Our CPD team are available for any questions or assistance. We are continuing to investigate new ways to support your professional development while upholding the high standard of our CPD program and happily welcome all enquiries.

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