2023 Gender Metrics Report now available

14 December 2023

Gender metrics for 2023 are outlined in a newly released report.

The college is committed to regularly report on gender metrics, as outlined in the Gender Equity Action Plan (2023-2025). The 2023 report provides an overarching view of gender metrics across the college from 2019 -2023. Routinely reporting on gender data allows the Gender Equity Sub-committee (GESC) to review activities and initiatives in line with the action plan.

The college and members of the GESC continue to work on projects in support of this initiative such as promoting awareness of unconscious bias and inclusion and diversity, undertaking a gender related survey and the promotion of International Women’s Day. We will continue to challenge inequity as we identify it and advocate for an environment which fosters inclusivity, diversity, equity and excellence.

Please view the 2023 report
For further information on this report please contact the Membership Services Team.

Last updated 15:45 14.12.2023