Awards Advisory Panel

16 December 2021

We're seeking expressions of interest from fellows and trainees to join our new Awards Advisory Panel.

ANZCA awards, prizes and medals recognise achievements in areas such as the advancement and promotion of specialist medicine; exam performance; clinical research; education; and pastoral care. 

The Awards Advisory Panel will consider award applications made to the college. In addition, the panel will be responsible for consideration of nominations for national honours for Australia and New Zealand. Serving as an awards advisory panel member provides a valuable opportunity to contribute to how our members are recognised for their achievements.

Inclusion and diversity

ANZCA recognises the diversity of fellows, trainees and specialist medical graduates, all whose individuality, experience and breadth of practice contributes to a vibrant, inclusive and contemporary college.  Our awards and the membership of the Awards Advisory Panel should reflect this as well taking into account qualities and achievements inclusive of equality, diversity, ethnicity, culture and location.

How to apply

If you're interested in joining the panel, or require more information, please contact us by Tuesday, 1 March 2022.

Last updated 16:59 8.02.2022