Contribute to new emergency response activity

15 September 2023

We are seeking expressions of interest from faculty fellows to develop a new emergency response activity on 'suicidality in the clinical setting'.

Current policy statements and clinical guidelines across all health services within Australia and New Zealand highlight the importance of ensuring that all clinicians can perform a preliminary suicide risk assessment, and undertake initial crisis management, including referral on to appropriate mental health services.

The majority of people who die by suicide have consulted a health care professional in the few weeks prior to their death. There is robust evidence that persistent pain, regardless of type, is an important independent risk factor for suicidality.

This module will focus on the knowledge and practical skills necessary to ensure the immediate safety of patients who are at risk of, or actively expressing, suicidal ideation. These include identifying helpful ways to engage the patient, and how to perform a rapid risk assessment and a brief mental state examination to guide the referral process.

Please contact if you are interesting in contributing to the development of this standards and workshop outline. 

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