2018 – 2020 CPD end of triennium results

Our CPD program’s most recent triennium process has been completed with a 100% success rate.

Congratulations to all 1687 participants in the 2018 – 2020 continuing professional development (CPD) triennium for achieving 100% completion, and for their dedication to updating their CPD portfolios.

The beginning of 2020 was an interesting time for professional development, as learning opportunities through our usual channels (such as face-to-face conferences and events) were cancelled. Nevertheless, this result shows the resilience, innovation and dedication our participants have to professional development amidst a pandemic and its ongoing restrictions.

Professional development has never been more important, with the need to upskill to support your patients, yourselves and to deal with this highly infectious disease. We believe this also demonstrates the versatility of our CPD program and the practical support of the ANZCA and FPM CPD Committee and team in anticipating members' needs. Some of these examples are available through our news items.

How does this compare to previous CPD trienniums?

Since the introduction of our current program and online CPD portfolio, we have been very proud of our end of triennium process results - with 98- 99% completion. This is the first time we have achieved 100% completion, having come extremely close last year (2017– 2019 triennium), with 99.9% completion. With over 6300 CPD participants, this is an amazing achievement.

How are other CPD trienniums progressing?

Due to our unique triennial (three-year) structure, we continuously have three consecutive trienniums. The below graph shows participants across all CPD trienniums actively updating their CPD portfolios and meeting requirements. Here you can see the CPD portfolio completion rate for the 2020 annual requirement across our three trienniums compared to those previously completed. These entries are also on par with previous year’s completion rates as indicated by the graphs icons.


We commend all CPD participants for their commitment to professional development and reflecting this in their CPD portfolios. The CPD committee and team will continue to monitor and evaluate completions to help tailor our response and promotion of helpful resources.


Last updated 12:16 13.04.2021