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Find the latest CPD news here; end of triennium results, two new CPD activities and this year’s CPD requirements.

2018 – 2020 end of triennium results

Our continuing professional development (CPD) program’s most recent triennium, 2018 – 2020, process has been completed with 100% meeting requirements. We congratulate the 1687 participants for this achievement and the dedication you have displayed in updating your CPD portfolios. Find further information on how this compares to previous CPD trienniums and how other CPD trienniums are progressing here.

Two new CPD activities

ANZCA Council have approved the inclusion of two new CPD activities to the ANZCA CPD standard. There are no changes to annual or triennial CPD requirements; these changes are additional activity options for the knowledge and skills category (from 17 to 18 activities), and emergency response category (from 7 to 8 activities). 


2021 college CPD operations

The college and the ANZCA and FPM CPD committee have closely monitored the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions on participants meeting their CPD requirements. Most notably with the action to waive our 2020 verification (audit) of CPD activities process.
The 2021 college CPD operations will proceed:   

  • Participants in the 2019 – 2021 CPD triennium will continue with the final submission date of 31 December 2021.
  • The college will prepare to conduct a 2021 annual verification (audit) with selection and notification provided from September 2021.

There are no changes to annual or triennial CPD requirements or final submission dates (31 December) across trienniums. Participants who may be concerned about meeting their requirements are encouraged to connect with the CPD team to discuss their options and/or consider our special consideration process.

CPD Team support

Nadja and Mat (our CPD team) always look forward to hearing from you and providing any guidance or clarification to support your professional development.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to them by email, or phone +61 (0)3 9510 6299.

Other helpful website news items published on CPD in 2021 include:

  • Useful CPD resources with details of CPD resources such as our COVID-19 for CPD webpage, CPD portfolio support document and Networks/CPD support webinars.
  • 2021 CPD portfolio updates for information on completing your CPD plan, and a new look for CPD statements of participation and certificates of compliance.

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