CPD update

08 April 2022

Find the latest CPD news here: 100 per cent completion results for 2019 – 2021 CPD triennium and 2021 verification (audit), CPD review project group progress and update from the Medical Board of Australia on CPD changes.

2019 - 2021 CPD triennium results – 100 per cent completion

Congratulations to all 1113 participants in the 2019-2021 continuing professional development (CPD) triennium for achieving 100 per cent completion. This is an amazing achievement, second year in a row, and shows the dedication you have to maintaining your professional development. For more information, motivating stats and to hear from CPD Committee Chair, Dr Debra Devonshire please click here.

2021 verification (audit) results – 100 per cent completion

The 2021 verification (audit) of CPD activities is complete with 100 per cent successful verification. This is the first time the college has achieved this result. We thank the 480 fellows and CPD participants selected for this year’s verification for updating your CPD portfolios and demonstrating CPD compliance. Full details are provided in our news item.

CPD review project group (CPD-RPG) update

The second stage of the CPD review project plan is underway with the project group meeting to discuss the initial 'determine the new CPD framework' report, details available here. This stage is one of the most important parts of the review project, as it impacts CPD requirements for all fellows and CPD participants. Full details on the CPD-RPG is available on its dedicated webpage.

CPD review - update from the MBA

The Medical Board of Australia's (MBA) March newsletter provides updates on changes to CPD, available through our news item. The MBA’s update builds on the July 2021 announcement of the approved revised MBA CPD registration standard effective from 1 January 2023.
The above CPD-RPG has been formed to review the current ANZCA and FPM CPD Program to align with the MBA revised CPD registration standard, as well as the Medical Council of New Zealand’s (MCNZ) recertification documents.

CPD team support

Nadja and Mat (our CPD team) always look forward to hearing from you and providing any guidance or clarification to support your professional development. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to them by email, or phone +61 (0)3 9510 6299.

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