2019-2021 CPD End of triennium

Could we really be on track to do it again? This aims to provide clarification around Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements for the 2019 - 2021 CPD triennium due 31 December 2021, and the support available to reach 100% completion.

Last year our members hit a huge milestone, through all the challenges we faced during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, we still managed to rise above all odds and reach a 100% completion rate for the 2018 - 2020 triennium, full results here. This was an amazing accomplishment by our members and a college first!
As we continue monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on our members, we are thrilled to see this incredible progress yet again, tracking very similar to last year and even slightly ahead. 
Could it be?  Are we in line for another 100% completion rate for the 2019-2021 triennium? 
Could we hit this milestone two years running?
Here you can see the CPD portfolio completion rate, thus far (September 2021), for the 2021 annual requirement across our three trienniums compared to those previously completed by the 2018-2020 triennium. This demonstrates just how achievable it is to reach 100%.


What can CPD participants do to reach this goal? 

Earlier this year we communicated our consistent stance on - no changes to annual or triennial CPD requirements or the 31 December deadline (update available here).  As the 31 December deadline is approaching, we wanted to reach out and ask you to start reviewing your CPD portfolio. 

This could include working on any remaining activities, recording completed activities not yet entered and uploading all required documents/evidence (reminder evidence will not be requested for 2020 activities).

What support is available for CPD participants? 

Over the coming months, we will continue sending our regular reminder emails. These contain specific data unique to each individual, outlining what is remaining to successfully complete your triennium.
Good news, these reminders will cease upon successful completion of your triennium! 
We have received positive feedback in the past from our members advising how helpful they found this strategy, and we hope that you too find this useful.  

Useful resources

Did you struggle with attending lectures/workshops due to pandemic restrictions?
Are you wondering how on earth you will be able to complete your triennium in the next six months?

We have put together some great resources and linked these below (and here) to make this easier for you:

CPD team support

If you are still concerned with meeting your CPD requirements, please do not hesitate to contact the CPD team (Nadja and Mat) as soon as possible to discuss your options.  Please also view our special consideration process and/or ANZCA Doctors Support program if these may be relevant.

CPD Team's Hot tip: Utilise the CPD portfolio dashboard checklist to ensure all requirements for your triennium have been fully completed.

Last updated 12:52 8.10.2021