MBA's new CPD standard from 2023

02 August 2021

The Medical Board of Australia has approved new CPD standards effective from 1 January 2023.

Australia’s health ministers approved in August 2021 a revised Medical Board of Australia (MBA) continuing professional development (CPD) registration standard

There are three core changes that will take effect on 1 January 2023. These are the introduction of “CPD homes”, an annual professional development plans (PDPs) for all doctors, and the requirement for doctors to undertake different types of CPD to improve the value of their professional development. 

Mandatory homes

ANZCA and FPM are accredited to set the CPD standard for anaesthesia and pain medicine in Australia and New Zealand and are thus the logical choice for the MBA’s CPD home requirement. CPD can no longer be self-directed

Annual CPD plans

CPD plans centred on scope of practice entered in the CPD portfolio to build educational growth is part of our program including a reflection on completion. The notable change is the need to report compliance annually, and the switch from triennial to annual submission dates. This will evolve with our CPD review project to comply with the MBA and the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ).

Balanced CPD

There is now a requirement for balanced CPD participation across reviewing outcomes, measuring performance and education activities. This is engrained in our CPD program. Traditional learning activities such as reading, lectures and conferences described by the revised standard are all built into our ANZCA and FPM CPD Program

We will be exploring the impact of hours vs points and will aim to ensure any changes will be minimal to CPD participants to ensure we can track hours, as mandated by the MBA. 
We appreciate the uniqueness of our triennial cycle, and respect these changes may raise concern for participants on meeting their requirements.

Available support

Our college supports the medical regulatory bodies’ in providing the community with the highest level of healthcare.  Our CPD program will evolve to reflect these new regulatory requirements. 
Our CPD review project group (CPD-RPG) has been formed to review the current ANZCA and FPM CPD Program to align with the MBA revised CPD registration standard, as well as the MCNZ recertification documents.

There are no confirmed changes to the CPD standard or portfolio at this time. We ask that all CPD participants continue to update their CPD portfolio to ensure they are best prepared for when changes are needed to be made.

The CPD Committee and team are committed in clearly communicating these changes as they develop. For more information, see here, and please contact the CPD team if you have any queries. 

Last updated 09:12 26.04.2022