Wellbeing CPD education sessions activity

22 April 2022

We've approved a "wellbeing CPD education sessions" activity for the knowledge and skills category of the ANZCA and FPM CPD program.

The activity acknowledges the importance of our members’ development in this area and ensures we maintain a sustainable workforce with healthy doctors who can provide the best in patient care. This need was heightened by the demands of the COVID-19 pandemic, requiring specific attention from our members and all healthcare personnel.

The activity was launched in April 2021, and in its first 12 months, 573 participants have recorded 975 wellbeing education sessions activities in their CPD portfolios.

Background on the development of this activity

Since April 2018, the ANZCA and FPM CPD Committee has discussed the potential inclusion of doctor’s wellbeing activities under the program’s framework. This aligns with the development of the college’s Doctors Health and Wellbeing Framework and online Critical Incident Debriefing Toolkit. It also reflects ANZCA and FPM’S 2018-2022 Strategic Plan ‘supporting the wellbeing of anaesthetists and specialist pain medicine physicians (SPMP) inclusive of college staff’ and the recent multi-college collaboration of the Wellbeing Charter for Doctors

From 1 January 2020, a new question on health and wellbeing was included in the CPD Plan as: “What activities will I undertake to develop a greater understanding of my own health and wellbeing over the next three years?”. 

The inclusion of this question highlights the importance of doctor’s wellbeing as part of a participant’s professional development. The wellbeing of doctors is also a key part of the Medical Board of Australia’s Professional Performance Framework and the Medical Council of New Zealand’s strengthened recertification core elements.

Details on the Wellbeing CPD education sessions activity

This activity will attract one credit per hour, capped at 10 per year, and will be supported by a new CPD Handbook - Appendix 24 Guidelines for wellbeing CPD education sessions.

These guidelines identify CPD activities that maintain and improve wellbeing, covering a range of learning experiences in various settings such as practical simulations, workshops, video-conferencing, webinars and online modules.

They may also include sessions related to motivational techniques, principles for wellness, team roles and dynamics, responding to adverse events, peer support training, clinical supervision, managing difficulties in patient encounters and the impact of poor physician health on patient care.

The guidelines have drawn inspiration from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC) draft CanMEDS professional key competency in the area of physician health and wellbeing, currently in development.

Knowledge and skills activities do not require prior recognition from the college, as the CPD program does not have a formal accreditation process. Course providers of Wellbeing CPD education session activities are recommended to review the guidelines and ensure it meets our standard.

What have people been saying?

Many people have been involved in this journey, and we thank those who contributed to the consultation and development of this new CPD activity and guidelines. Specifically, the content developers: 

CPD Committee Chair, Dr Debra Devonshire FANZCA shares “It feels like CPD is giving sustenance to the "talk" with practical solutions and paths for our fellows to utilise. I believe the wellbeing education initiative will flow on to enrich our concept of what it means to be an anaesthetist and assist us to thrive as medical specialists.” 

CPD Committee Deputy Chair, Dr Sarah Green FANZCA acknowledges the importance of this inclusion “We now recognise putting patient safety first involves looking after our own wellness at every stage of the career life cycle. The CPD Committee acknowledges the value of educational programmes which impart skills to build wellbeing and resilience. This specific inclusion in the CPD programme is part of the ongoing process to support fellows in their professional obligations to the public and themselves.”

ANZCA CPD Lead, Ms Nadja Kaye reflects “In my role at the college, I am fortunate to support our participants through various stages of their professional development. I have been delighted over the years by the expertise of our members and their willingness to seek support on both their professional and personal development - thinking beyond just ‘ticking the boxes’. The introduction of this new activity provides the opportunity for CPD participants to make a commitment to their own health and wellbeing in order to foster optimal patient care. I am proud to work for a college that embraces these innovative ideas, and continually evaluates the needs of its members. Always striving to be at the frontier of CPD.”

Dr Greg Downey FANZCA Chair of the Wellbeing SIG shares “It’s very gratifying to see the recognition being given to these important issues of health and wellbeing.

Since the activity’s launch:

Future steps

The CPD activity and its supporting guidelines will continue to be considered providing the opportunity for further review and consideration of defined terms such as ‘wellness skills’. This work continues particularly as part of the CPD review project.
We encourage you to reach out to the CPD Team with any enquiries.

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