Online/virtual CPD ER activity recognition update

10 December 2021

We've extended the recognition of online/ virtual hands-on objectives for the CPD emergency response activities to 1 January 2023.

In September 2020, ANZCA Council and the ANZCA and FPM Continuing Professional Development (CPD) committee agreed to allow flexibility for virtual and online education sessions. This is specifically for the hands-on requirements of the Can't Intubate, Can't Oxygenate (CICO), Cardiac arrest and Cardiac arrest specialist pain medicine physicians emergency response activities (the other CPD emergency response activities do not require hands-on learning objectives).
Due to ongoing lockdowns and pandemic restrictions caused by COVID-19, this pilot of online/ virtual recognition has been extended to 1 January 2023. 

This continuation caters to our members and facilitators needs by providing an alternative method of delivery, whilst supporting the workforce learnings in these core areas, specifically for airway management.

Applications for online/virtual Emergency response activities  

Course providers can complete an emergency response declaration form or a new application form to acknowledge a change of delivery.

Through this application process, they must be able to demonstrate how all the learning objectives are being met, which can be done through submitting a course outline. Those with restrictions who are unable to provide face-to-face options will be welcomed.
The approved declarations/applications will receive a unique recognition of suitability code that will identify those workshops/courses meeting the learning objectives through virtual/online methods. Those who had previously applied for these unique recognition codes have been updated on the extension. 

These recognition codes will be valid up to 1 January 2023, or until there is a return to regular delivery methods currently impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  This extension is also intended to align with the CPD review in response to the MBA's new CPD standard from 2023

2020-2021 virtual/online emergency response activities pilot

Since the pilots launch in September 2020, we have seen an increased interest in the online/virtual session/workshop approach and have received positive feedback around this alternative method.

Most notably, with the 2021 Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM)'s CICO workshop. Further information is available through

Further information 

If this affects you or your course facilitator, please visit the CPD emergency response webpage. Here you will find the CPD Emergency response declaration forms, application forms, guidelines and recognition of suitability process. 

All declaration and application forms are to be submitted to the CPD team with the course outline for consideration.
Please contact our helpful CPD team if you would like to further details.

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