Seeking sustainability champions

Are you passionate about environmental sustainability in the healthcare sector? We're inviting applications from fellows, trainees, and SIMGs for up to five executive positions in our new ANZCA Environmental Sustainability Network.

Following on from the success of the Environmental Sustainability Working Group, we're establishing an ANZCA Environmental Sustainability Network (ESN). And we're looking for passionate fellows, trainees, and SIMGs to join the ESN Executive.

About the Environmental Sustainability Network

The Environmental Sustainability Network (ESN) is a community of practice for fellows, trainees, SIMGs and non-ANZCA members to come together to collaborate, educate, advocate and share experiences in the field of environmental sustainability for anaesthesia, pain and perioperative medicine. The goal being to promote sustainability and sustainable practices, and ensuring there remains a focus and commitment to minimising the health impact of climate change. The vision of the network is to position ANZCA as a proactive leader and advocate for environmental sustainability.

The purpose of the ESN is “to advocate, collaborate and promote initiatives and projects related to environmental sustainability within anaesthesia, perioperative and pain medicine". Its vision is “to position ANZCA as a proactive leader and advocate in environmental sustainability”. It will provide a forum for members to:

  • Engage in a community of practice with others who hold similar interests and expertise in environmental sustainability.
  • Network and engage in mentoring activities.
  • Stay informed on the latest developments in environmental sustainability within the network.
  • Receive invitations to attend webinars and events supported by the college.
  • Collaborate on projects that relate to environmental sustainability.
  • Receive consideration from the ESN Executive to promote and develop your research in environmental sustainability, including the newly created ANZCA research grant in sustainability.

The membership of the ESN is open to fellows, trainees, SIMGs and non-members. The ESN reports its activities to the Professional Affairs Executive Committee (PAEC) via the Environmental Sustainability Network Executive.

About the ESN Executive

The ESN executive will be formed with up to five members and a chair. PAEC will appoint the ESN executive chair and members. Membership of the ESN executive will take into consideration:

  • Interest in environmental sustainability
  • Inclusion and diversity
  • Geographical representation (Australian regions and New Zealand)
  • FPM representation

The executive will meet via videoconference a minimum of four times annually. View the full terms of reference approved by Council in August.

How to apply

To apply, please complete this expression of interest form and submit it with your CV to by Monday 4 October.

Last updated 11:21 13.12.2021