Fellowship survey

14 December 2021

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Almost 2,500 ANZCA fellows (33 per cent) and 171 (32 per cent) fellows of FPM, responded to the survey. The demographics of the respondents (years of practice, gender and geography) were similar to that of the college overall which adds confidence to generalising the results to the broader college. 

The four most highly rated priorities were:

• Training for fellowship.
• Safety and quality.
• Continuing professional development.
• Professional documents guidelines and statements.

Ninety six percent of fellows regarded training for fellowship as important and fewer than 1 per cent regarded it as unimportant.

The results will be an important guide for council in the development of the next strategic plan (2023-2025) that has commenced. The survey has confirmed that fellows have a broad range of opinions but that the majority see most, if not all of these items, as priorities for the college. It is clear that training for fellowship and post fellowship development are particular priorities, as is maintaining practice guidance and ensuring patient safety and high-quality care.

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Background to the survey

The 2021 fellowship survey was launched in August 2021 and sent to 7,643 ANZCA and FPM fellows. Unlike previous surveys, in 2021 we college wanted to hear feedback and ideas from fellows on what direction they thought the college should take over the next three years, in order to inform the development and creation of our new strategic plan.  

Making the full survey report available to the college membership is important for transparency, as well as giving fellows who completed the survey the opportunity to see the outcome of their time, effort and engagement.

The survey was considerably shorter and more focused this year. There were nine questions covering demographics, practice profile and the focal question asking fellows to rate the importance of various college initiatives. It is intended that the prioritisation of initiatives will help inform the next strategic plan for the college.

The college contracted KPMG to conduct the survey. The first reason to do this was to allow data collection at arm’s length so that fellows could be confident that results could not be identified at an individual level at ANZCA or FPM, while follow-up invitations to participate could be sent to those who had not responded rather than all fellows. KPMG also undertook analysis of the data. KPMG have been highly collaborative commercial partners.

We are always interested in hearing from you and not only at survey time. Please remember to contact membership@anzca.edu.au with any questions or feedback

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