CPD requirements update (Australia)

04 December 2023

The Medical Board of Australia (MBA) has approved the college’s proposal for consistent program and high-level requirements for the 2024 CPD year.

This information is specific to Australian fellows wanting to retain their MBA/AHPRA registration.

Specialist high-level requirements describe any education, performance review, or measuring outcomes activities that must be included in a specialist’s continuing professional development (CPD) program.

The MBA approves and publishes high-level requirements for specialists registered in MBA-recognised specialties and fields of specialty practice. The ANZCA and FPM CPD program caters for the specialist anaesthetist and specialist pain medicine physician high-level requirements through its program requirements.
The high-level requirements are based on proposals from Australia Medical Council-accredited specialist medical colleges, and are linked to the outcomes of training to achieve specialist registration in the relevant specialty. Full details on specialist  specialty high-level requirements are available on the MBA website.
Any practitioner registered as a specialist must complete the relevant high-level requirements, regardless of their CPD home. While the individual practitioner is responsible for ensuring that they meet any high-level requirements for their specialty/scope(s) of practice, every CPD home must demonstrate and publish information how the high-level requirements can be met within its CPD program.

What are my specialist high-level requirements?

Specialist medical colleges, in accordance with the MBA’s CPD updates, need to propose ‘high-level requirements’ for CPD that are specialty specific and additional to minimum CPD requirements (i.e. 50 hours). Specialist high-level requirements must be approved by the MBA to apply to all specialists registered in the relevant scope of practice. The MBA has approved two specialist high-level requirements for anaesthetists and pain medicine physicians. The specialist high-level requirements are now consistent with the college program-level requirements.

Table 1: Medical Board of Australia (MBA) 2024 specialist high-level requirements for anaesthesia and pain medicine

 Specialty  High-level requirement CPD type
Anaesthesia/ Pain medicine
  • Complete at least one emergency response activity per year.
Education activity
  • Complete at least one of the following activities per year to directly evaluate and reflect on their own clinical practice:
    • Patient experience survey
    • Multi-source feedback (MsF)
    • Peer review
    • Audit
Reviewing performance and/or
measuring outcomes activity

Specialist high-level requirements ensure consistency across CPD programs offered by different CPD homes (including non-medical colleges) for medical practitioners with certain specialities. That is, all specialists have the same high-level requirements, regardless of their CPD home. Hours taken to complete specialist high-level requirements are included in the minimum 50 hours of CPD per year.

What does this mean for me?

The hours taken to complete your annual emergency response activity will now go toward meeting your knowledge and skills annual hours requirement. The CPD portfolio will automatically populate these hours for you once you’ve recorded an emergency response activity. The knowledge and skills allocation is consistent with the MBA’s approval of other colleges’ emergency response activities. If you participate in the ANZCA and FPM CPD Program, you will already meet the specialist high-level requirements by completing our program-level requirements.
If you participate in an alternative CPD home or in an overseas CPD program, there is no guarantee you’ll be meeting the specialist high-level requirements for your specialty. You’ll need to complete any additional requirements not covered by your CPD home or overseas CPD program and provide evidence if you’re selected to be audited in the ANZCA and FPM annual verification process.  

Does this impact me if I’m a New Zealand fellow?

The ANZCA and FPM CPD Program allows you to meet all your Medical Council of New Zealand recertification requirements and is recognised as the recertification program for the vocational scopes of anaesthesia and pain medicine.

Last updated 15:14 31.01.2024