Our POM course begins

09 February 2024

Our Course in Perioperative Medicine begins on Monday 12 February after a successful pilot in the final quarter of 2023.

We have 26 anaesthetists, surgeons and physicians doing study unit 1 and 2 at 18 hospitals across Australia and New Zealand.
They are being supervised by new graduates of the Course in Perioperative Medicine who received their qualification in perioperative medicine via the recognition pathway (GChPOM). We received more than 800 applicants by the 1 December 2023 cut-off (GPs have until September to apply) and close to half of these have been assessed and approved. 

In 2024 we will be establishing and creating a framework for our Chapter of Perioperative Medicine.
On 19 February, enrolments open for study units 3 and 4 in trimester 2. 

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