Prof docs monthly update

15 September 2023

Your monthly digest of professional document developments.

Under development/review ​

Post stakeholder consultation ​

Pilot stage

Post pilot review

Final version

We encourage feedback on all professional documents during the pilot phase. If you have any comments or queries regarding professional documents please email us.

Expressions of interest – FANZCA/CICM

We are seeking expressions of interest from dual diplomates of FANZCA/CICM to participate in the development of a new professional document on Point Of Care Ultrasound (POCUS).
The development of a ANZCA professional document is undertaken by a document development group (DDG) made up of fellows with expertise and knowledge aligned to the particular document. DDG members may include non-anaesthetists to provide external perspectives where applicable and collaborate to develop and review professional documents via email and zoom meetings at times that fit their schedules.
Serving as a DDG member provides a valuable opportunity to contribute to safety and quality of care for patients. If you're interested in being nominated for the POCUS DDG, please email us for further information. 

Contribute to new FPM prof docs

Expressions of interest are sought from faculty fellows to contribute to the development of three new professional documents. Please see FPM EOI for further details.

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