Apply for an ANZCA research grant

Every year, we make grant funding available to fellows and trainees who are novice, emerging or established researchers, for studies in anaesthesia, pain or perioperative medicine.

Applications for research grants are open as of 1 December 2023, with decisions to be advised in late 2024.  Copies of the grant application forms and guidelines for applicants can be found on the research grants page under each grant category.

Applications for all ANZCA research grants (excluding CTN Pilot Grants) close at 5pm (AEDT) on 1 April each year (or the closest business day if 1 April falls on a weekend/public holiday).  

The conditions and rules set out in the application form and guidelines are adhered to very strictly.

Applicants are strongly advised to read the ANZCA Research Policy before completing the application form.

Please note: applicants are required to obtain a RegKey from ANZCA's research and administration co-ordinator before submitting an application. 

An individual may only be named as a chief investigator on a maximum of TWO active grants and/or applications in any one year.

This maximum includes any grant application that was approved for multi-year funding in previous grant rounds and is still current – a multi-year grant will count as one active grant in each year that it is paid.

This provision includes project grants, novice investigator grants, professional practice research grants, ANZCA patrons emerging investigator grant, environment and sustainability research grant, the Skantha Vallipuram ANZCA research scholarship and the academic enhancement grant. It does NOT include the Douglas Joseph and Lennard Travers professorships, which may be considered and awarded in addition to two active grants or applications.

Fellows and registered trainees must be financial and in good standing with the college.

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Grant reviewers

Reviewers are essential to maintaining a robust and impartial approach to research grant decisions and to supporting continuous improvement in patient care through medical research. We would like to thank all the grant reviewers for their invaluable contributions to the college's grant application review process.

Grant reporting requirements

Eligibility to apply for future funding will be contingent on complying with the reporting requirements of the ANZCA Grant Agreement terms and conditions.

Unless otherwise specified, grants are awarded for the period of two calendar years following the year of the grant decision.

Chief investigator A may request in writing a time-only extension or roll-over of funds if the project is not completed at the end of the two year period.

Progress reports

In accordance with the ANZCA Grant Agreement terms and conditions, the chief investigator A is required to forward a progress report to the college by 1 September in each year of the grant.

The progress report form can be accessed here.

Final reports

In accordance with the ANZCA Grant Agreement terms and conditions, the chief investigator A is required to forward a final report to the college within three months of the completion of the project.

The final report form can be accessed here.

Failure to provide progress or final reports by the due date may result in any funding for multi-year projects being withheld. Any future funding requests by chief investigator A may not be considered.

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