Pain Medicine Discharge Plans

The Pain Medicine Discharge Plan is a patient resource aligned to meet the recommendations of the ACSQHC clinical care standard.

In June 2022, following the publication of the clinical care standards, St Vincent's Hospital Sydney (SVHS) acute pain service developed a new patient resource known as the 'Pain medicine plan after leaving hospital'.  This resource aims to inform patients about analgesic use after discharge and was modelled on a version previously developed by the Opioid Stewardship Working Party (OSWP).

Widespread consultation with prescribers, pharmacists, health literacy experts, and consumers ensured the form was visually appealing, engaging, and easy to complete by any multidisciplinary team member. Crucially, the form incorporates each of the nine quality statements and recommendations from the clinical care standard.

SVHS has received numerous requests to share this form with other national and international facilities. A subsequent grant from the Australian Society of Anaesthetists (ASA) enabled it to be translated into the top three languages other than English. 

Further consultation with consumers, Aboriginal health units, and clinicians with a particular interest in working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients has led to the creation of a culturally appropriate version of the discharge plan for Indigenous Australians.

Versions tailored for use in New Zealand, including te reo Māori, are currently being developed.

To encourage the use of the discharge forms included in the ROSI toolkit, the ASA offers the option to customise the form with your hospital's logo or individual professional credentials/physician letterhead. Other alterations that include the addition of atypical immediate release (IR) opioid preparations such as sublingual buprenorphine are acceptable; alterations or changes that would include modified release (MR) formulations are not permitted.

ROSI Resources - Pain Medicine Discharge Plan Vietnamese

Pain Medicine Discharge Plan (Vietnamese)

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ROSI Resources - Pain Medicine Discharge Plan te reo Māori

Pain Medicine Discharge Plan (te reo Māori)

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