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CEO – AHPRA submission on Telehealth

College feedback on draft revised guidelines for telehealth consultation with patients, noting college support, particularly from a perioperative medicine perspective.


2024 ELC promotional flyer

Read more information about the 2024 Emerging Leaders Conference.


ANZCA response to revised MCNZ medical certification guidelines

College feedback on the Medical Council of New Zealand consultation on revised guidelines on the issuing of medical certificates.

Perioperative care approach fact sheet (English)

If you’re very old or very sick, a bit of extra care before and after your operation ensures you’re ready for surgery in the first place and have the best chance of a good recovery once the operation is over. We call this the perioperative care approach.

NZ final course registration

New Zealand final course registration 2024 registration form


SRA facilitating a group discussion tutorial - guidelines

CPD Appendix 2A Patient Experience Survey Guidelines

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