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Anaesthesia for joint replacement surgery

Smoking and anaesthesia factsheet


Anaesthesia and children fact sheets

Set of four fact sheets about anaesthesia and children

Epidural anaesthesia fact sheet

Epidurals offer the most complete relief from contraction pain. They rapidly numb the lower body, but allow you to be aware during the birth of your baby. They can provide sustained pain relief that can be tailored to your needs to still allow a degree of movement and sensation.

PG06(A) Guideline on the anaesthesia record

PG06(A) Guideline on the anaesthesia record

Anaesthesia and cognitive decline in adults

Deterioration in memory, thinking ability and concentration – collectively referred to as cognitive decline – has been reported to follow anaesthesia and surgery. This particularly affects the elderly.

Anaesthesia for cardiac surgery

Standards for Anaesthesia 2022

Standards for Anaesthesia 2022 are benchmarks to foster quality in patient care as well as to facilitate quality improvement.

Careers in anaesthesia brochure

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