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National Anaesthesia Day 2020

New COVID-19 video campaign celebrates how frontline anaesthetists are “always ready”

Anaesthesia and cosmetic surgery


CPA report (anaesthesia)

Safety of Anaesthesia report (2012-2014)

Anaesthesia and having a baby

As Australasia’s leading authority on anaesthesia, ANZCA provides accessible, evidence-based information designed to help you make informed decisions. This information on anaesthesia and having a baby is a guide only and should not replace information supplied by your anaesthe...

Anaesthesia and Critical Care in Unusual and Transport Environments (ACCUTE) SIG

The executive of the ACCUTE SIG maintains ongoing internal communication, usually utilising electronic mediums and personal meetings at ACE events, to discuss matters related to the group's area of interest.

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Anaesthesia and having a baby - general information

Being pregnant and giving birth put a lot of pressure on our bodies. It's common to experience a degree of discomfort or pain during labour and there's a chance that you'll require surgery while you're pregnant. You might not need the care of an anaesthetist when you're carryi...

2022 Victorian Introduction to Anaesthesia program


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