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Defect: Aisys CS2/Avance CS2/Avance CS2 Pro Anaesthesia Systems, switched O2/air pressure reading

Specified models can show O2 and air cylinder pressure readings as switched, creating possible risk of the cylinder in use depleting without warning.

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Australian Recall: Medtronic Covidien Shiley Hi/Low-Contour Oral/Nasal Tracheal Tubes Cuffed

Recall in Australia of certain lot numbers of Medtronic endotracheal tubes, after a shipment may have been exposed to fungicide.

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AU defect: Philips IntelliVue Monitors with Nellcor SpO2 Boards, malfunction with age

The SpO2 function on certain model numbers deteriorates with age, leading to a malfunction technical alarm. Keep an alternative SpO2 monitor on hand, and book a service if malfunction occurs.

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Jannsen-Cilag CADD Infusions Systems Disposables product defect

Jannsen-Cilag CADD Infusion Systems Disposables as part of Veletri Consumables Kit may underdeliver infusion doses or fail to detect attachment of the cassettes.

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Member Advantage rewards program

You and your family can enjoy exclusive discounts on a range of lifestyle, leisure and financial services.

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CPD Appendix 24 Wellbeing Guidelines Education Sessions

What does an anaesthetist do?

Anaesthetists are specialist doctors with unique clinical knowledge and skills. They have a major role in the perioperative care of surgical patients.

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Novice investigator grants

We're helping to secure the future of research in anaesthesia, pain, and perioperative medicine by mentoring and supporting novice investigators on their journey to becoming established researchers.

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Shortage of DBL GENTAMICIN 10mg/1mL (as sulfate) injection BP ampoule and alternative supply arrange

LINK Healthcare has advised that, due to a shortage of Australian registered DBL GENTAMICIN 10mg/1mL (as sulfate) injection BP ampoule (AUST R 16339), LINK has arranged the supply of an alternative product REFOBACIN (gentamicin) 10mg (10 mg/2mL) ampoules, registered and market...

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Environmental Sustainability Network Executive

The purpose of the ESN is “to advocate, collaborate and promote initiatives and projects related to environmental sustainability within anaesthesia, perioperative and pain medicine”.

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