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Anaphylaxis management guidelines - Paediatric refractory management card

Resource for refractory management of anaphylaxis in paediatric patients

Anaphylaxis management guidelines - Differential diagnosis card

Resource for differential diagnoses of anaphylaxis during anaesthesia

Procedures program: Confirmation of competence form

FPM PEP confirmation of competence form 20201124

Twitter six step setup guide

Twitter is the ultimate conference tool. If you don’t already have a Twitter account, maybe now’s the time to take the plunge? It’s really straightforward. Download our guide on 'How to join in the conversation in six simple steps' here.



Declaration form used for ER course providers for changes from F2F workshops/course to online/virtual due to covid-19 pandemic.

Lifebox ANZ trainee representative EOI form

Use this form to submit your expression of interest.

2022 Rural SIG HCI Prospectus


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