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ESWG Final report June 21.docx

The Perioperative Care Framework document

The Perioperative Care Framework encompasses the patient journey from contemplation of surgery through to optimal outcome. This framework has been designed to be a practical resource for those developing a perioperative medicine service.

PG49(G)BP Guideline on health of doctors BP (PILOT)

PG49(G)BP Guideline on the health of specialists, specialist international medical graduates and trainees Background Paper

2023 OA SIG HCI prospectus

Obstetric SIG HCI prospectus

PG07(A) Appendix 2

PG07(A) Appendix 2 – Effect of anaesthesia on breastfeeding

2023 FPM Symposium HCI Prospectus

2023 FPM Symposium HCI prospectus 23.08.22

CPD - Practice without direct patient care support document

CPD - Practice without direct patient care support document

2024 FPM Symposium HCI Prospectus_V3

2024 FPM Symposium HCI Prospectus



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