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FPM Board elections

All financial members of the Faculty of Pain Medicine (FPM) are eligible to both stand for and vote in the annual FPM elections.

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ANZCA Council elections

Information about the ANZCA Council elections process, including eligibility criteria; how to make a nomination; and how to vote.

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Regional and national committee elections

Everything you need to know about voting and standing for election in the ANZCA and FPM regional and national committee elections.

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Reg 41 - Conduct of elections

ANZCA Council elections nomination form

Use this form to make a nomination to stand in the ANZCA Council elections.

Our people and structure

Everything you need to know about our governance and organisational structure, including short biographies of current ANZCA councillors, FPM board members, the ANZCA chief executive officer, and senior management.

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Standing for election as an ANZCA councillor

Everything you need to know about standing for election as an ANZCA councillor

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Terms and conditions of event registration

The following terms and conditions apply to anyone registering for one of our events, workshops, conferences, forums or other activities.

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Environmental sustainability

The healthcare sector is highly interconnected with activities that emit pollution to air, water and soils, resulting in a significant ecological footprint and contribution to anthropogenic climate change.

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FPM by-law 14 - Administrative Orders

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