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Mani 2

PS06 Guideline on the anaesthesia record

PS06 Guideline on the anaesthesia record

PS60BP Guideline on perioperative management of patients with suspected or proven hypersensitivity

Acute Pain Management Scientific Evidence 2015

Acute Pain Management: Scientific Evidence 5th edition

At almost 1300 pages, the 2020 edition of this internationally-renowned publication is the most comprehensive to date.

Blue Book 2013

EMAC course

Effective Management of Anaesthetic Crises (EMAC) is a simulation-based course focused on managing anaesthetic emergencies. It consists of five modules, run over two and a half days, and is a compulsory requirement of the anaesthesia training program.

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ANZCA Bulletin June 2019

ANZCA Advanced Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Training Curriculum

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