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NZ pharmacy prescribing list concerns

ANZCA and NZSA have met with the NZ Ministry of Health (MoH) and the Pharmacy Council to discuss their concerns over the addition of 200 more Pharmacist Prescriber medicines, including several anaesthetic drugs.

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Monthly media digest: March/April 2022

A digest of college news coverage for March/April 2022

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Monthly media digest: August/September 2022

A digest of college news coverage for August/September 2022

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Diploma of Rural Generalist Anaesthesia update

The first candidates for the Diploma of Rural Generalist Anaesthesia (DipRGA) will begin this new course in the coming weeks.

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Beyond City Limits: Darwin

In September 2022, we visted Darwin to talk to specialist anaesthetists, trainees, and medical students about living and working in Australia's Top End.

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ANZCA Council meeting update - September 2022

Read a report of the ANZCA Council meeting held from 16-17 September in Wellington.

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FPM Board meeting update

Report following the FPM Board meetings held on 13 October and 4 December 2022.

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SIMG stories: From Tokyo to Perth

Japanese anaesthetist Dr Naoko Nakaigawa shares her experience as a specialist international medical graduate (SIMG).

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Environmental sustainability

The healthcare sector is highly interconnected with activities that emit pollution to air, water and soils, resulting in a significant ecological footprint and contribution to anthropogenic climate change.

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