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Co-prescription of gabapentinoids and opioids

Following the death of a person after minor foot surgery, ANZCA reminds fellows that under certain conditions the interaction of gabapentinoids and opioids can cause severe respiratory depression, resulting in death.

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Opioids and chronic pain

Opioids are a class of medicines taken to help reduce pain. They work on the central nervous system to slow down nerve signals between the brain and the body.

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PS14(PM) Statement on responsibility for co-prescription of oral and intrathecal opioids 2023 PILOT

PS14(PM) Statement on the responsibility of specialist pain medicine physicians for overall opioid management in patients with chronic non-cancer pain who have an intrathecal opioid delivery device in situ 2023 PILOT

Monthly media digest: March/April 2022

A digest of college news coverage for March/April 2022

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Safety and quality update: October 2022

New this month: safety alerts; ranitidine supply suspension; reminder on serotonin syndrome; MBS telehealth services; WA end of life care; Vic duty of candour; events; and more.

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Monthly media digest: May/June 2021

A digest of college news coverage for May/June 2021

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Changes to Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme Australia listing of hydromorphone oral solution

Changes to dispensing volumes will assist good opioid stewardship in prescribing for children and adolescents.

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Reflections on the MBH Opioid Stewardship Day

Dr Sabrina Chan and Dr Vishav Gill reflect on Mackay Base Hospital's inaugural Opioid Stewardship Day.

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