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DHM MsF individual response


Anaesthesia for cardiac surgery

Perioperative guidance for post-COVID infection

Five medical colleges (ANZCA, RACS, RANZCOG, RANZCO and RACDS) have agreed on guidance for elective procedures post COVID-19.


Anaesthesia and having a baby - general information

Being pregnant and giving birth put a lot of pressure on our bodies. It's common to experience a degree of discomfort or pain during labour and there's a chance that you'll require surgery while you're pregnant. You might not need the care of an anaesthetist when you're carryi...

Epidural anaesthesia fact sheet

Epidurals offer the most complete relief from contraction pain. They rapidly numb the lower body, but allow you to be aware during the birth of your baby. They can provide sustained pain relief that can be tailored to your needs to still allow a degree of movement and sensation.

Managing discomfort during labour fact sheet

Every birth is different, but it's common and natural to experience some degree of discomfort during labour. Your midwife and obstetrician can help you to manage mild and moderate birthing pain, but if you need stronger, longer lasting relief or require a caesarean delivery, t...


EPA 7 Obstetric anaesthesia - EPA review

EPA 7 Obstetric anaesthesia - EPA review

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