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Wellbeing Charter for Doctors

2022 FPM Spring Meeting program

2022 FPM Spring Meeting program

GESC action plan 2023-25

Gender Equity Sub-committee action plan 2023-25



Multi-source feedback (clinical support) - form

Multi-source feedback (clinical support) - form

ANZCA RAP year one report

ANZCA year one Reconciliation Action Plan achievements, challenges, and learnings report.

ROSI lanyard prescribing

The ROSI lanyard prescribing support guide describes how age is a better predictor of opioid requirements than weight. The guide is designed for prescribers and non-prescribers including senior nurses and pharmacists. All clinicians are encouraged to refer to the guide to assi...

ROSI rates of respiratory depression

Monitoring patient safety and measuring rates of respiratory depression.

A case for the reusable scrub cap

Featured in the ANZCA Bulletin Spring 2021

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