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COVID-19 patient screening study

New Australian research on COVID-19 screening of hospital patients during the first wave of the pandemic found that the documentation of patient screening procedures before surgery could be improved.




ANZCA letter to Medical Board of Australia Chair Dr Anne Tonkin 20211201

ANZCA's letter to Medical Board of Australia Chair Dr Anne Tonkin re: the Ahpra cosmetic surgery review 1 December 2021

PMC gender equity response

College feedback on the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet’s national strategy to achieve gender equity in Australia.

PS14(PM) Statement on responsibility for co-prescription of oral and intrathecal opioids 2023

PS14(PM) Statement on the responsibility of specialist pain medicine physicians for overall opioid management in patients with chronic non-cancer pain who have an intrathecal opioid delivery device in situ 2023

FPM training agreement

2024 Faculty of Pain Medicine annual training agreement.

2024 FPM Spring Meeting HCI Prospectus

2024 FPM Spring Meeting healthcare industry prospectus

PS15(PM) Persistent pelvic pain and endometriosis 2024 PILOT

PS15(PM) Statement on the clinical approach to persistent pelvic pain including endometriosis- associated pain 2024 (PILOT)

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