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2022 FPM Spring Meeting program

2022 FPM Spring Meeting program

2023 TAS ASM Program

2023 Tasmanian ASM Program

GESC action plan 2023-25

Gender Equity Sub-committee action plan 2023-25



Multi-source feedback (clinical support) - form

Multi-source feedback (clinical support) - form

ANZCA RAP year one report

ANZCA year one Reconciliation Action Plan achievements, challenges, and learnings report.

ROSI lanyard prescribing

The ROSI lanyard prescribing support guide describes how age is a better predictor of opioid requirements than weight. The guide is designed for prescribers and non-prescribers including senior nurses and pharmacists. All clinicians are encouraged to refer to the guide to assi...

Part time training application form (FPM)

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