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Regional trainee committee elections

Trainees have until 23 October to make nominations for the Australian regional trainee committee elections.

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Steuart Henderson Award

Nominations for the 2021 ANZCA Steuart Henderson Awards are now open.

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College seeks action on PPE

We've written to the Australian Minister for Health about the alarming number of healthcare workers becoming infected with COVID-19, particularly in Victoria.

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MBS telehealth services extended

The Australian government has recently announced that COVID-19 temporary MBS telehealth services will be extended until the end of 2021.

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New FPM prof doc

The board has approved a new position statement on the use of ketamine in the management of chronic non-cancer pain

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Opportunity for FPM fellows

Are you an FPM fellow interested in becoming an accredited procedural supervisor in 2022?

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ANZCA Bulletin December 2019

ANZCA Bulletin April 2020

ANZCA Bulletin June 2019


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