Sevoflurane shortage in AU

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All ANZCA and FPM prof docs are now in one handy place

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Frontline crisis tool worth a thousand words

A passion project for four anaesthesia trainees from Sydney’s Royal North Shore hospital developed into a set of cognitive aids and crisis management tools that have helped play a key role in the hospital’s COVID-19 response.

Dr Dan Zeloof, Dr Jessie Maulder, Dr Dushyant Iyer and Dr Daniel Moi were all anaesthesia trainees when they were inspired to work together to create AnaeSthesia Cognitive Aids and Resources (ASCAR).

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The winter edition of the ANZCA Bulletin is out now

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Support for emerging clinician researchers

In December 2021, Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council Chief Executive Officer Professor Ann Kelso asked the college to provide an overview of the research career pathway support it currently provides to ANZCA fellows and trainees who are current or prospective clinician researchers. We were well prepared to answer having, in recent years, developed a research strategy clearly mandating targeted support for our emerging investigators, and an associated suite of practical support initiatives freely available to these researchers as they establish their research careers. 

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