Trainee Wellbeing Project Group

ANZCA is committed to supporting trainees and fellows through a number of initiatives and activities related to and informed by its Doctors Health and Wellbeing Framework. One such initiative is the Trainee Wellbeing Project Group (TWPG).

 The TWPG is now working on:

  • Improved introductory training through better integration of the available Part Zero course and trainee orientation and support resources.
  • A review of all trainee communications from the college to be more inclusive and considerate and relevant to individual circumstances.
  • The role and importance of the welfare advocate in ANZCA-accredited hospital anaesthesia departments including an updated position description.
  • The development and promotion of a suite of tailored education tools and wellbeing resources in self-care and healthy lifestyle practices, including strategies to prevent burnout and increase doctors health and wellbeing.
  • Formal critical incidence debriefing training resources for fellows and trainees.

The TWPG will continue to engage with more working groups as they work on the implementation of the recommendations of the Trainee Wellbeing Working Group.

For more information or to express interest in joining the TWPG, please contact

Last updated 09:09 30.06.2020