Other college wellbeing initiatives

Here are some of the other things we're doing to improve doctors' health and wellbeing.

Better healthcare culture

 A national project funded by the Commonwealth, “A Better Culture”, is aiming to cultivate systemic and sustained behavioural change across the Australian healthcare sector. “Do you think it’s time to create better workplaces, a better culture, and a healthcare system where all healthcare workers can thrive and deliver the best care possible?” If so, you are encouraged to engage and provide a voice for anaesthesia and pain medicine via its reference group.

Promoting good practice and managing poor performance guidelines

We have prepared a series of guidelines for anaesthesia and pain medicine managers, leaders, mentors and colleagues that support excellent professional standards and assist in identifying and managing practitioners who may be performing below an acceptable professional standard.

CPD wellbeing education sessions

We've approved a new wellbeing CPD education sessions activity for the knowledge and skills category of the ANZCA and FPM CPD program.  This activity will attract one credit per hour, capped at 10 per year, and is supported by a new CPD Handbook - Appendix 24 Guidelines for wellbeing CPD education sessions. Full details available here.

Dr Ray Hader Award for Pastoral Care

Named after Dr Ray Hader, this award promotes compassion and a focus on the welfare of anaesthetists, other colleagues, patients and the community.

Last updated 10:26 31.08.2023