ANZCA New Zealand Trainee Committee

The New Zealand Trainee Committee (NZTC) advises the NZNC and the ANZCA Council, via the ANZCA Trainee Committee, about training matters in New Zealand that may concern the college.

Committee members

Name Hospital
Dr Alec Beresford (co-chair)
Dr Tess Brian (co-chair)
Dr Daniel Chiou  Auckland
Dr Elizabeth Robinson Auckland
Dr Sarah Holman Waikato
Dr Adam Tiley Christchurch
Dr Philip Dabrowski Wellington
Dr Nathan Luey Waikato
Dr Eilidh Menzies Wellington
Dr Barney Rathnayaka Auckland
Dr Louise Thomas Wellington

Committee meeting calendar

College committee members can find details about committee meetings in Networks under the "My Networks and Committees" button.

Last updated 16:49 25.05.2023