ANZCA Tasmania Regional Committee

The Tasmanian Regional Committee is an elected body that act as a conduit between fellows and trainees in the Tasmanian region, and the ANZCA Council to which they report. The committee assists with:

  • Implementing college policy
  • Advising ANZCA Council on issues of interest to the college and its fellows and trainees in Tasmania
  • Representing the college and promoting the specialty in the regions
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with key regional stakeholders
  • Training, continuing medical education, and other professional activities at a regional level

The committee oversees:

ANZCA Council and committee calendar

Committee members



Dr Bruce Newman Chair

Dr Pravin Dahal

Elected member (Safety and Quality Officer)

Dr Tilo Klinger Co-opted member (North West representative)

Dr Margo Peart

Elected member

Dr Jana Vitesnikova

Elected member

Dr Sam Walker

Elected member (CME Officer)

Dr Joanna Walsh

Elected member

Associate Professor Deborah Wilson

Ex officio member

Dr Helen Browne
Dr Stuart Paterson
Co-chairs, Tasmania Trainee Committee
Dr Nina Loughman

Co-opted member 

Dr Angela Ralph

Co-opted member (Education Officer)

Dr Ranjita Sharma

Co-opted member (SIMG representative)

Dr Jeremy Sutton

Co-opted member (Accreditation Officer)

Dr Simon Morphett

ASA Tasmania representative

Janette Papps

Tasmania Regional Co-ordinator (committee support)

ANZCA Tasmania Trainee Committee

The Tasmanian Trainee Committee attends to matters pertaining to trainees.

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