ANZCA Victoria Regional Committee

The Victorian Regional Committee (VRC) is an elected body that acts as a conduit between fellows and trainees in Victoria, and the ANZCA Council to which they report. The committee assists with:

  • Implementing college policy
  • Advising ANZCA Council on issues of interest to the college and its fellows and trainees in Victoria
  • Representing the college and promoting the specialty in the regions
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with key regional stakeholders
  • Training, continuing medical education, and other professional activities at a regional level

The committee oversees:

ANZCA Council and committee calendar

Committee members



Dr Emma Goodyear


Dr Dean Dimovski

Deputy Chair

Dr Lahiru Amaratunge

Elected member

Dr Kate Barrett

Elected member

Dr Adriana Bibbo

Elected member

Associate Professor Pierre Bradley

Elected member

Dr Patrick Chee

Elected member

Dr Lakmini De Silva

Elected member

Dr Tabara Dione

Elected member

Dr Kaylee Jordan

Elected member

Dr Nam Le

Elected member

Dr Helen Roberts

Elected member (CME Officer)

Dr Harsh Dubey
Dr Kas Wickramarachchi

Co-chairs, Victoria Trainee Committee

Dr Alex Henry

Co-opted member (Education Officer)

Dr Deas Brouwer

Co-opted member (Deputy Education Officer)

Dr Craig Noonan

Co-opted member (Accreditation Officer)

Dr Ben Slater

Co-opted member (Safety and Quality Officer)

Dr Michelle Horne

Co-opted member (Chair, Australian Society of Anaesthetists Victoria)

Dr Richard Horton

Co-opted member (Chair, Victorian Association of Directors)

Dr Tarin Ward

Co-opted member (Chair, Victorian Anaesthesia Training Committee)

Professor David Watters

Co-opted member (Chair, Victorian Perioperative Consultative Council)

Cathy O'Brien

Victorian Regional Coordinator / Commitee Support

ANZCA Victoria Trainee Committee

The Victoria Trainee Committee is an elected body that acts as a conduit between fellows and trainees in Victoria, and the ANZCA Council to which they report.

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