FPM Professional Standards Committee

The Professional Standards Committee reports to the Professional Affairs Executive Committee and acts as formal liaison between the faculty and regional/national committees, reviews and develops professional documents and responds to professional issues.

Staff at our Melbourne office provide administrative support to the committee. 

Committee members




Dr Stephanie Oak

FPM CPD Officer

Dr Yvonne Murray

FPM Safety and Quality Officer

Dr Rachel Sara

FPM Mentoring Program Officer

Dr Jordan Wood

Director Professional Affairs (FPM Professional Affairs)

A/Prof Michael Vagg

NSW regional representative

Dr Jane Standen

Qld regional representative

Dr Joseph Kluver

WA regional representative

Dr David Holthouse

SA regional representative

Dr Michelle Harris

VIC regional representative


Tas regional representative

Dr Michael Thomas

NZ National representative

Dr Paul Vroegrop

Dean (ex officio)

Dr Kieran Davis 

Committee support (non - member)

Penny McMorran

Committee meeting calendar

College committee members can find details about committee meetings in Networks under the "My Networks and Committees" button.

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