FPM Scientific Meetings Committee

Reporting to FPM's Professional Affairs Executive Committee, the Scientific Meetings Committee is responsible for the detailed planning and delivery of continuing medical education events.

Staff in our Melbourne office provide administrative support to the committee. 

Committee members

Title Name
Chair, FPM ASM Officer and Victorian regional committee representative Dr Noam Winter
NZ National comittee representative TBC
2022 Spring Meeting Convenor Dr Joann Rotherham
2023 FPM ASM Scientific Convenor Dr Kok Eng Khor
2023 Spring Meeting Convenor Dr Irina Hollington
2024 FPM ASM and Symposium Scientific Co-convenors Dr Zoe Vella
Dr Robin Park
New South Wales regional committee CME officer Dr Andrew Weiss
South Australia regional committee CME officer and
Research Committee representative 
Prof Andrew Somogyi
Western Australia regional committee CME officer Dr David Holthouse
Queensland regional committee CME officer Dr Joseph Kluver
Dean (ex officio) Dr Kieran Davis 
Committee support (non - member)  Penny McMorran

Committee meeting calendar

College committee members can find details about committee meetings in Networks under the "My Networks and Committees" button.

Last updated 14:55 23.01.2023