Conditions of entry for exams

Important information for all candidates participating in ANZCA and FPM exams, including our conditions of application and entry.

Trainees participating in our anaesthesia, pain medicine, and diving and hyperbaric medicine exams are required to adhere to our conditions of entry. These are consistent with other medical colleges and are intended to protect the academic integrity of our high-stakes examinations.

Conditions of application

Applications are only accepted via email and are acknowledged within 48 hours of receipt (or within 48 hours of the next working day for applications received during weekends and holidays).

Conditions of entry to the exam room

Candidates are strictly forbidden from taking any time-keeping, electronic or audio recording devices into an exam room, including any pre-or post-exam waiting (quarantine) areas. These items include, but are not limited to:

Mobile phones and tablets Portable computers
Time-keeping devices Calculators
Wrist bands Timers or alarms
Fitness trackers Audio-recording devices
Notes, books, textbooks Other learning materials


Withdrawing from the exam

Any candidate may withdraw their application to sit the exam. They should notify the exam team in writing. Penalties will apply should they withdraw after the closing date.

Special considerations

If a candidate has a chronic disability and/ or suffers an adverse event that is beyond their control that will have an impact on their performance around or during an exam, they may apply for special consideration.

Special consideration requests must be sent to the exam team in writing.

Chronic disability

Candidates with an existing chronic illness or disability which may impact their performance at the exam will be considered for assistance appropriate to their disability, provided that this assistance does not compromise the fairness or reliability of the exam. The candidate must submit a fully documented application to the chair of exam at least 18 weeks prior to the exam closing date.

Adverse event

If a candidate is unable to present for the exam on the day due to medical or compassionate reasons, they should notify the exam team as soon as possible or within 72 hours of the exam and the relevant documentation submitted within seven days.

Exam candidates affected by circumstances beyond their control may apply for special consideration in an exam in which they are enrolled:

  • To request that special arrangements be considered.
  • Regarding their exam fee in the event of a late withdrawal from an exam.
  • Regarding their exam fee in the event that they do not present for an exam due to unforeseen circumstances.

Candidates affected by circumstances beyond their control who choose to undertake an exam cannot apply for special consideration regarding their performance after an exam and the results of the relevant section have already been announced, unless:

  • The adverse event was not present before an exam.
  • The adverse event escalated considerably within an exam.
  • The granting of special consideration does not include alteration of the exam result.

If you feel there is a disturbance during the exam caused by any kind of noise or distraction which you believe may have affected your performance, it must be brought to the attention of the invigilator, examiner or ANZCA staff member at the exam venue at the time it occurred.

Depending on the level of the disturbance candidates may apply for consideration of special circumstances should they feel that their performance was impaired. Please note, unless raised with an examiner or invigilator, a disturbance cannot be relied upon for special consideration.

If you would like to seek advice at any point during the exam, please contact the exam co-ordinator.

Last updated 09:07 30.06.2020