Join the ANZCA and FPM CPD Program

You don't need to be a FANZCA or FFPMANZCA to join our world-class online CPD program. If you're a registered medical practitioner, you can sign up as a non-fellow.

Am I eligible to join the program?

Our CPD program is open to all registered medical practitioners. Those joining as a non-fellow may include;

  • General practitioners who practice anaesthesia in Australia.
  • New Zealand general registrants with a scope of practice restricted to anaesthesia.
  • Specialist international medical graduates (SIMGs) undergoing assessment by ANZCA. 

What will I be required to do?

Non-fellows must complete the same CPD requirements as ANZCA or FPM fellows, depending on the participant's practice type.

Specialist high level CPD requirements (Australia only)

Practitioners with specialist medical registration in Australia are responsible for ensuring that they meet any high-level requirements for their specialty/scope(s) of practice.

The ANZCA and FPM CPD Program caters for the specialist anaesthetist and specialist pain medicine physician high-level requirements through its program requirements.

The high-level requirements for anaesthesia and pain medicine are: 

 Specialty  High-level requirement
Anaesthesia/ Pain medicine
Emergency response
Practice evaluation (including reviewing performance and measuring outcomes)

High-level requirements for each specialty are listed on the Medical Board of Australia website.

Benefits of joining the program

The ANZCA and FPM CPD Program is recognised around the world as a benchmark in the delivery and assessment of continuing professional development.

You'll receive access to the CPD portfolio system, as well as our award-winning ANZCA Library and e-learning platform, Learn@ANZCA.

Participants will be able to record, monitor and provide evidence of their completed CPD activities conveniently through the online CPD portfolio, under the categories of practice evaluation, knowledge and skills and emergency response. We also provide a wide range of e-learning resources, courses, events, podcasts, webinars, and workshops to help CPD participants meet their requirements.

Apply to join the program

To join the program as a non-fellow, please email a completed application form and supporting documentation to the CPD team.

Further information

Got a question we haven't covered off in the FAQs? Our CPD team's on hand to help.

Call: +61 (0)3 9510 6299
Hours: 9am-5pm AEST/AEDT, Monday-Friday (excluding public and college holidays).

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