SA Introduction to Anaesthesia

The Introduction to Anaesthesia (formerly called the part zero course) is run each year in all regions and New Zealand to welcome new trainees into the ANZCA training program.

In addition to welcoming new members to the college, consultant anaesthetists and current trainees will prepare new trainees for the journey ahead. Topics relate to the ANZCA curriculum, introductory training, assessment/examination and work-life balance. Attendees will also have the opportunity to interact with consultants and trainees.

We encourage all SANTRATS introductory trainees to attend this free course.

Course content and structure

This course is delivered by advanced trainees, consultants and provisional fellows, so every course is slightly different, but all courses will include information on:

  • How to use the training portfolio system (TPS)
  • Doctors' health and wellbeing
  • Training structure and resources
  • Opportunities to get to know current registrars and provisional fellows

Who is the course for?

The course is primarily aimed at SANTRATS trainees, but where possible, we'll also welcome independent introductory trainees.


There is no cost to attend this course. Click here to register your interest.

More information

For further information, please email us.

  • Date

    17 February

  • Time


  • Location

    ANZCA SA Regional Office North Adelaide

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