NZ final exam viva course


This three day course is focussed on the medical and anaesthetic viva components of the ANZCA final examination.

Course structure

The course runs over three days, beginning on a Wednesday. The first day consists of lectures and a practice SAQ session. Invited specialists give lectures relevant to the medical vivas, covering the major organ systems.

The following two days consist of practice vivas under examination conditions, including formal attire. Each candidate will experience practice medical vivas, anaesthetic vivas and a separate anaesthetic viva which will be videoed and individually debriefed with a clinical psychologist. When not participating in a viva session, candidates will have access to data interpretation stations. The contents of these stations have been selected by anaesthetists to be relevant to the medical component of the examination.

Course convenors will be available throughout the course to give informal advice and support. The tutors recognise that, particularly with regard to the anaesthetic vivas, the course is often a starting point and that candidates may have limited experience with these. We have chosen to continue to offer an anaesthetic viva session as we think the ‘exam conditions’ are difficult to replicate and a valuable experience for candidates.

Traditionally we have received very positive feedback and our candidates achieve a good pass rate at the final examination. 

Cost and registration

Applications will be accepted from Tuesday, 6 December 2022 at 8am NZT for the February 2023 course only.

Due to limited capacity of 24, places are available only to candidates who have registered for the upcoming sitting of the exam. If the course is oversubscribed, places will be allocated using a balloting process (providing candidates have registered within the first two days of registrations opening).

Please complete the registration form and return by email on or after Tuesday, 6 December 2022 at 8am NZT. 

  • Registration fee: NZ$1,800 (includes catering)

Contact us

For further information, please email.

  • Date

    15 February - 17 February

  • Time


  • Location

    Wellington Hospital, NZ

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