2022 North Shore PREPCourse

The North Shore PRimary Exam Prep (PREP) Course is an intensive revision course for ANZCA trainees preparing for the primary examination, with input from experienced examiners, primary exam lecturers, fellows, and senior trainees. It is run as two separate components, both held twice a year.

Primary written exam preparation component 

A four-day course for the written component. Participants sit mock MCQs and SAQs, with review of questions and group discussions to facilitate learning. Participants will be required to write a small number of sample SAQs (with model answers) prior to attending the course.

Primary viva exam preparation component 

A 3-day course for the viva component, held after the written exam. Participants learn by participating in practice vivas, with group discussions on content and exam technique. Participants will be required to write a small number of sample vivas with an answer framework, prior to attending the course.

How to register

This course is run by ANZCA fellows Please check http://www.waitemata-anaesthesia.com/education/events/prep/ for more information and specific dates.

  • Date

    1 February - 2 September

  • Time


  • Location

    North Shore Hospital Auckland

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