2022 CTN Educational sessions

Join us on Tuesday 15 February from 10.30-11.30am AEDT for this overview of the ANZCA Research Grant program presented by Professor David A. Scott.

ANZCA Research Grant program information session

Date and time:  Tuesday 15 February 2022 10.30-11.30am AEDT
Presenter: Professor David A. Scott, Chair, Research Committee
Moderator: Mr Rob Packer

The CTN and ANZCA Foundation bring you this webinar which aims to provide an overview of the ANZCA Research Grant program. Themes that will be covered include:

  1. The ANZCA research grant program – an overview
    • Grant categories and eligibility criteria
    • The peer review process 
    • Success rates
  2. How to succeed
    • What makes a successful application?
    • Tips and tricks from the experts
  3. Resources available to applicants
    • Mentoring opportunities for novice investigators
    • Research support tool kit (ANZCA Library)
    • CTN workshops: peer-review and feedback for pilot and multicentre trials. 

Cost and Registration

Registration is complimentary. Registration is open to all ANZCA and FPM members, and members of the Clinical Trials Network and Anaesthesia Research Coordinators Network.


The aims of the CTN educational sessions are to discuss various research topics relevant to trial conduct and design, and to provide educational and networking opportunities for fellows, trainees and research co-ordinators.


The program features presentations from CTN members and guest speakers and includes group discussions on topics of interest to emerging researchers, research coordinators and research teams.

Continuing professional development (CPD)

If you don't participate in the ANZCA and FPM CPD Program, please check with your respective nursing or allied health institution regarding CPD on how to record CPD for a one hour online educational session.

Past sessions and recordings


May 2021
It’s all good in da hood – lessons learned from conducting a device trial in the middle of a pandemic by Ms Samantha Bates, Research Manager at Western Health and ARCN Sub-committee member.

April 2021
Clinical Trial Budgets presented by Ms Carolyn Stewart, Business and Operations Manager of Melbourne Children's Trial Centre

February 2021
Session topic: Real life research scenarios presented by a panel of our research coordinators.


December 2020
Session topic: Wrap up of 2020 Wrap up of the ARCN activities for the year to date, CTN Pictionary, and a break out session to check in and catch up with other members of the ARCN.

November 2020
Session topic: Operating Theatre Do’s and Dont’s Members of the ARCN presented on theatre do’s and dont’s from different perspectives.

October 2020
Session Topic: The effect of COIVD-19 on the Anaesthesia Research Coordinators Network The results of the COVID-19 ARCN study were presented by members of the working group.

September 2020
Session topic: Real Life Research Scenarios The ARCN Sub-Committee presented on a series of real life research scenarios they had come accross during their research careers.

August 2020
Session topic: Contracts and Special Conditions Schedule, what you need to Clinical Trial Research Agreements and what is important to know as a research coordinator.

July 2020
Session topic: On Boarding and Upskilling for new research team members The steps to take to ensure new research coordinators are competently trained up in their new role.

May 2020
Session topic: Working from Home: Challenges and Opportunities The challenges and opportunities of working from home as a research coordinator with reflections on COVID-19.

April 2020
Session topic: The results of the Anaesthesia Research Coordinators Time and Motion study (ARC-TAM) and Barriers and Enablers to effective And efficient Research in the Anaesthesia Research Coordinator Network (The BEAR Study) The results of the studies on anaesthesia research coordinators.

March 2020
Session topic: COVID-19 Challenges and Opportunities Discussions around what is happening with each trial and sites across Australia and New Zealand due to the pandemic. ARCN pandemic guide was also discussed at this session.

February 2020
Session topic: Feasibility Assessment for a Research Project How to do a feasibility assessment for a trial at your site with examples of feasibility assessments.

November 2019
Session topic: Research 101 Investigator-initiated randomised control trials, what you need to know from protocol to trial set up, running and close out.

October 2019
Session topic: Perioperative Neurocognitive Disorders, Frailty and The ROCKet Trial Cognitive Outcomes Post-op Delirium and Cognition and the ROCKet Trial sub-study.

September 2019
Session topic: Meet and Greet the ARCN Sub-Committee Date: 18 September 2019 New Members of the ARCN Sub-Committee were introduced to the rest of the ARCN and spoke about their background and interests.

July 2019
Session topic: Development and validation of the Surgical Outcome Risk Tool.

June 2019
Session topic: Further Education opportunities in Australia and New Zealand Gillian Ormond and Helen Houston (Middlemore and Manukau). Guest presenter Dr Glenn Eastwood, from Austin Health and past chair of the Intensive Care Research Coordinators Special Interest Group (IRCIG).

May 2019
Session topic: Engagement with supporting departments Facilitator: Ms Samantha Bates (Western Health)

April 2019
Session topic: Multidisciplinary team communication and operations ARCN members discussed how their teams communicate and operate.

March 2019
Session topic: Ethics and governance processes across jurisdictions in Australia and New Zealand

February 2019
Session topic: Adult and paediatric consent and recruitment in CTN trials

November 2018
Session topic: PADDI and Chewy trial update and Q and A session

October 2018
Session topic: Journal club (Davidson et al 2005. Awareness during anaesthesia in children: a prospective cohort study. Anesth Analg)

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