2024 Burnell-Jose ACE Conference

On behalf of the organising committee, we would like to welcome you to the 2024 Burnell-Jose ACE Conference at the Adelaide Convention Centre on 19-20 October 2024.  

The theme of the meeting is ‘Reaching new heights’ and in line with the theme, we have outstanding local, national and international speakers who will cover the latest advancements, evidence-based practices, and innovative strategies that are shaping the future of anaesthesia.



Our international speakers include Dr Julian Thompson, Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine, Southmead Hospital Bristol (above left) and Dr Fahad Alam, Medical and Research Director, Simulation, Sunnybrook Canadian Simulation Centre.

On Saturday morning there will be an opportunity to choose from a variety of workshops which will be held onsite at the Adelaide Convention Centre or the adjacant Adelaide Health Simulation Centre.

Our social activities also include a conference dinner on the Saturday night.  Registrations will open in early 2024. October is such a lovely time to visit Adelaide - we look forward to welcoming you then.

Burnell-Jose Conference Background

The South Australian Regional Committee of the Faculty of Anaesthetists, Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, under the Chairmanship of Dr Ron Waterhouse, established a fund in 1974 for the purpose of inviting a series of Professors of Anaesthesia to Adelaide for up to four weeks every three years.

The professor was to be chosen on their wide academic and practical interests, and would attend theatre sessions, seminars and social occasions. It was also hoped they would stimulate research, help with teaching, and take part in hospital meetings.

The fund was set up by contributions from Fellows of the Faculty, Fellows of the College and commercial firms and the Professor was to be known as the "Burnell-Jose Visiting Professor" in honour of two people.

DR MARY BURNELL was Emeritus Anaesthetist, Adelaide Children's Hospital, and Honorary Consultant Anaesthetist, Royal Adelaide Hospital. She was a Foundation Fellow of the Faculty of Anaesthetists, a Member of the Court of Examiners, Member of the Board from 1956-57, Vice Dean 1965-66, and Dean 1966-67. She was also President of the Australian Society of Anaesthetists in 1953.

SIR IVAN JOSE who became President of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons from 1955-57, was a member of College Council at the time the English Faculty was established. He and Harry Daly visited England in 1949 and had discussions with English Board members. On their return, they had discussions with Mary Burnell in Adelaide, following which Sir Ivan recommended to Council that the Australian Faculty be formed. The first Board of Faculty meeting was in 1951, and the first general meeting of 48 foundation Fellows was held in 1952.

Dr Nikki Dyson, Conference Convenor

  • Date

    19 October - 20 October

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  • Location

    Adelaide Adelaide Convention Centre

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