Regional wrap – March 2024

06 March 2024

Welcome to your quarterly digest of Australian regional news, events and courses, and committee updates.

Welcome to 2024

2024 in the ACT has been off to a busy start. We welcomed nine new trainees into the ACT this February, several of whom have relocated from NSW and Victoria. The trainees enjoyed a fantastic five-day orientation program, exclusively run by the anaesthetic departments at Canberra and North Canberra Hospitals. The orientation week includes simulation sessions (ALS, CICO), hands-on obstetric and regional anaesthesia training and various sessions on pain management, communication, exam preparation and general hospital-focused orientation. As always, the feedback was really positive. 
We also welcome four provisional fellows in the ACT for 2024. Every year, the Canberra Health Services offers fellowships in hepatobiliary anaesthesia, high-risk obstetrics, perioperative and general fellowships. All of these programs can be tailored to specific interests and include a range of clinical and non-clinical opportunities. 
The ACT rotational training program has always had strong links to regional NSW and continues to rotate trainees through Wagga Wagga and Albury-Wodonga. In 2025, we will welcome our first trainee from the South-West NSW Regional training scheme, who will come to Canberra for Cardiac, Thoracic and Neurosurgery SSUs.
Calvary Bruce Private Hospital has recently been accredited as a satellite training site, with the application being led by Dr Anneleise McBride. This will provide our trainees with exposure to bariatric surgery and further opportunities in endovascular surgery. 
Lastly, Canberra Hospital welcomes Dr Julia Hoy as a supervisor of training - Julia will replace Dr Adam Eslick as a SOT. We also welcome Dr Luke Murtagh as the scholar role tutor for The Canberra Hospital.

Art of Anaesthesia – save the date for 2024

Save the date for ACT Art of Anaesthesia meeting to be held on Saturday 23 November 2024 at the National Convention Centre Canberra. This year we welcome new co-convenors Dr Niketh Kuruvilla and Dr Michael Li.
More information will be available in mid-2024.

Accreditation Officer update

Dr Orysia Sandry will represent the ACT on the ANZCA Training and Accreditation Committee following her ratification at the November 2023 Council meeting.

ACT Trainee Committee

Following the nomination and election period in November 2023, we warmly welcome our 2024 ACT Trainee Committee members as shown below:

  • Dr Cristy Rowe, Chair
  • Dr Stephanie Jones, Deputy Chair
  • Dr Samantha Lambe
  • Dr Bronwen Marginson
  • Dr Dharan Sukumar

If you have any queries or concerns that you would like to discuss with a member of the ACT Trainee Committee, you are welcome to contact them directly via: [email protected].

Upcoming events and courses

Please save the date for the following 2024 ACT events:


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NSW Regional Committee news

ANZCA NSW Regional Committee received 20 nominations for 12 vacancies and so will be proceeding to election from 21 March–11 April and for FPM NSW Regional Committee seven nominations were received for seven vacancies and will not be proceeding to election.
Official announcements will be made during ANZCA New Council and FPM New Board in May.

NSW Trainee Committee news

Elected annually by New South Wales (NSW) trainees, the NSW Trainee Committee acts as a conduit between trainees and fellows in the region, and the ANZCA Council.

The newly elected NSW Trainee Committee will have their first meeting on Monday 26 February 2024. The elected members for 2024 include:

  • Dr Gabriella Charlton
  • Dr Sjorji Crowther
  • Dr Timothy Ellwood
  • Dr Anri Forrest
  • Dr Sukhi Hegde
  • Dr Kenjo Ho
  • Dr Dominic Horne
  • Dr Bahaven Jeyaratnam
  • Dr Sarah Kong
  • Dr Priya Maheshwari
  • Dr Sarah Ritchie
  • Dr Boris Waldman

Office Bearers for 2024 ANZCA NSW Trainee Committee were appointed on Monday 26 February 2024. Dr Sukhi Hedge and Dr Priya Maheshwari were elected as Co-chairs and Dr Sjorji Crowther was elected as Deputy Chair. The NSW Trainee Committee thanked outgoing Chair Dr Anthony Notaras for his commitment and dedication to supporting NSW trainees.

If you have any queries or concerns that you would like to discuss with a member of the NSW Trainee Committee, you are welcome to contact them directly via: [email protected].

EO SOT Committee news

The NSW (including ACT) SOT meeting will be held on 15 March covering updates and discussion topics – CPD updates, anaesthetic selection/ recruitment and primary examination.

Final exam refresher course

The NSW Final Exam Refresher Course was held 4-8 December 2023 at Northside Conference Centre. We successfully supported 68 in-person and 71 online trainees.
The NSW ANZCA team and trainees would like to thank our Course Convenor Dr Sally Wharton, Co-Convenors Dr Veronica Payne and Dr Shanel Cameron.
A special thank you to all 31 presenters for their amazing efforts and dedication. Our amazing presenters are Dr Neroli Best, Dr Luke Bromilow, Dr Elise Butler, Dr Jamie Calder, Dr Bruce Cartwright, Dr Ryan Downey, Dr Adam Eslick, Dr Alex Garner, Dr Richard Halliwell, Dr Ken Harrison, Dr Mariko Hylands, Dr Saul Judelman, Dr Lucy Kelly, Dr Claire Kim, Dr Kar-Soon Lim, Dr Jim MacDonald, Dr Rebecca McNamara, Dr Veronica Payne, Pro Raj Puranik, Dr Pamela Salerno, Dr Christine Shearman, Dr Ngaroma Steele, Dr Elizabeth Symons, Dr Nathan Taylor, Dr Ben Tassie, Dr Sharon Tivey, Dr Nandy Varatharajan and Dr Alison Williams.

Dr Sally Wharton and Dr Shanel Cameron demonstrating a viva

Upcoming events and courses



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Primary viva weekend course

On behalf of the ANZCA Queensland team, we’d like to say a massive thank you to our outgoing course convenor Dr Helen Davies. Dr Davies has been involved in the successful running of this course for over 10 years and has dedicated countless hours to supporting the next generation of anaesthetists. She will be missed by the mock examiners, trainees, and ANZCA staff and have been involved in this course. We wish her well in her retirement.
Welcome Dr Anoop Jain our new convenor for the primary viva weekend course. Dr Jain is a senior specialist in anaesthetics, and has a special interest in regional anaesthesia, pain medicine, remote site anaesthesia and peri-operative anxiety.

The team of 2023.2 QLD primary viva weekend course mock examiners and the course convenor Dr Helen Davies.

From the left to right, Dr Helen Davies (outgoing convenor), Dr Anoop Jain (incoming convenor)


Introduction to anaesthesia training program 2024

The Queensland introduction to anaesthesia training program ran on 10 February at the ANZCA Queensland regional office with 24 remote attendees and 33 in person. The program was convened by Dr Ganashyam Arunagiri, Dr Paul Lim, Dr Sam Sharifi, Dr Emma Walker, Dr Louise Rafter and Dr Susanna Van Haeringen. The feedback was well received from all attendees.

We would like to thank all the convenors and presenters for their wonderful contribution to this program.

Assoc Prof Paul Lee-Archer presenting on QLD Introduction to anaesthesia training program 2024.

Queensland primary lecture program series

The first session of the Queensland primary lecture program series 1, 2024 session was delivered on 24 February with 37 in person and 49 remote attendees. The session will run till June 2024 before we deliver series 2.

Registration is still open for Queensland primary lecture program series 2.

Dr Simone Malan-Johnson presenting

Queensland final exam refresher course

The Queensland final exam refresher course 2024.1 ran from 26 February - 1 March with 21 attendees including 19 Queensland trainees, 1 Victorian and 1 New Zealand trainee.

We would like to thank the course convenor Dr Stuart Blain and the 16 course presenters for delivering a successful course.

Dr Stuart Blain presenting

Queensland Trainee Committee

Click here to view a list of Queensland trainee committee members. If you have any queries or concerns that you would like to discuss with a member of the committee, you are welcome to contact them directly via: [email protected].

Upcoming events and courses

CME events

Primary courses

Final courses

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SA Primary Exam Refresher Course

Dr Gary Tham's delivery of the SA Primary Refresher Course held at The Lion Hotel from 29 January to 2 February was outstanding. With exceptional presentations from SA-based examiners and consultants on key primary exam topics, the course attracted a full capacity attendance.

Gary's commitment surpasses the role of convener, demonstrated through his invaluable provision of SAQ feedback, engaging viva and tutorial sessions, and steadfast support of the trainees.

We are grateful for his tireless commitment and invaluable contributions to teaching and supporting the primary trainees.

Dr Gary Tham (centre) with SA PERC attendees and viva practice volunteers

Introduction to anaesthesia

On 17 February we welcomed 13 new trainees to our introduction to anaesthesia training course. This day was a valuable opportunity for trainees to connect with one another and gain familiarity with the anaesthesia training program. Throughout the session, attendees received information on various aspects, including welfare support, exam preparation strategies, training options, and the rotational scheme.
Thank you to trainee committee member Dr Lara Schemeczko for coordinating the day.

Introduction to anaesthesia trainees with education officer Dr Rowan Ousley and course convenor, Dr Lara Schemeczko

ANZCA President's visit

ANZCA President, Dr Chris Cokis, visited Adelaide for the first SA/NT Regional Committee Meeting for 2024 on 20 February. Dr Cokis provided a detailed update of ANZCA activities and advised that he is nearing the end of his term as ANZCA President in the coming months. 

SA/NT Chair, Dr Nagesh Nanjappa, SANT ACE Committee Chair, Dr Nikki Dyson and ANZCA Councillor, Dr Scott Ma shared a pleasant evening and dinner with the president post-meeting at Ammos, Greek bistro. 

FPM CME evening

The first FPM continuing medical education meeting for the year "SA Pain Units Update" was held at the SA Regional Office on Monday, 4 March. Attendance was high and it was an excellent opportunity to collaborate and share ideas between the local health networks.

Dr Sharon Keripin and Dr H Venugopal

Dr Amelia Searle and Mr Noel Markham


SA Burnell-Jose ACE Conference - save the date for 2024

Save the date for the SA Burnell-Jose ACE Conference which will be held on 19/20 October 2024 at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

Our international speakers include Dr Julian Thompson, Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine, Southmead Hospital Bristol and Dr Fahad Alam, Medical and Research Director, Simulation, Sunnybrook Canadian Simulation Centre.

On Saturday morning there will be an opportunity to choose from a variety of workshops which will be held onsite at the Adelaide Convention Centre. Our social activities also include a conference dinner on the Saturday night.  

Registrations will open mid 2024.

Voluntary assisted dying training for medical practitioners

Online or face to face training in voluntary assisted dying is available for interested medical practitioners in South Australia.

The Voluntary Assisted Dying Act 2021 commenced in South Australia on 31 January 2023. The act identifies the roles of coordinating medical practitioner and consulting medical practitioner as critical to the assessment of patient eligibility to access voluntary assisted dying.

The Mandatory Voluntary Assisted Dying Training for medical practitioners and successful completion of the associated exam is a requirement for clinical practitioners wishing to fill one of those roles.

There are two methods of delivery of the training:

  • Online training through a Learning Management System (hosted by Women’s and Children’s Health Network but accessible by all).
  • Face to face training on dates made available by SA Health.

Online training takes four hours to complete and face to face training is run as a one-day session and once successfully completed is valid for four years.

Further information is available on the SA Health website.

Upcoming events and courses

SA ACE Meeting 'Anaphylaxis Update' - 26 March, The Lion Hotel
Burnell-Jose ACE Conference - 19/20 October, Adelaide Convention Centre

SA/NT part one long course, February - December 2024
SA/NT part two long course, February - December 2024

SA/NT Trainee Committee

If you have any queries or concerns that you would like to discuss with a member of the SA/NT Trainee Committee, you are welcome to contact them directly via: [email protected].

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February update

February has been a busy month as we prepared for training meetings, ANZCA Council’s visit and the official opening of the Tasmanian Office. 

  • Installation of the zoom equipment and testing of all associated equipment.
  • Testing wifi and network connections as internet access continued to elude us.  All was working and functioning by the 16 Febuary.
  • 7 February – Trainee Day and CME Committee Planning Meeting
  • 10 February – IAT day in Burnie.  Thanks to Dr Greg Bulman – convenor for completing a successful day – no photos unfortunately
  • Tasmania Regional Committee Nominations process commences
  • 16 February ANZCA Council Meetings commenced
  • 16 February – ANZCA Tasmanian Office opening event
  • 17 February – ANZCA Council Meeting
  • 20 February – SOT/Registrar Meeting on site at ANZCA office

March update

March will be a very busy month for Tassie with the following scheduled:-

  • 1 March - Tasmanian Annual Trainee Day & Trainee Committee meeting.
  • 2 March - Tasmanian Annual Combined CME Weekend  - Scientific Program at the Hotel Grant Chancellor, Hobart waterfront.
  • ASA AGM.
  • 3 March - Tasmanian Annual Combined CME Weekend – Workshops.
  • CICO x 2, Lung Isolation x 2, Major Haemorrhage x 2 & Human Factors.
  • 4 March - Zoom rooms testing and updates as required – techs on site for cabling to be completed.
  • 5 March - SAQ exams.
  • 14 March - Tasmanian Regional Committee Meeting.
  • 19 March - Written exams.
  • 23 March - Acute pain day at ANZCA Office.

Tasmanian ANZCA office official opening

The official opening of the Tasmanian Office was a successful event on Friday, 16 February with the weather gods being kind with beautiful sunshine and little wind.

Uncle Dougie Mansell from the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre welcomed everyone to Country. He shared a story about his growing up and sang a moving song about the loss of his grandson.

A presentation of what will become the inaugural Sandy Zalstein Award was presented to Dr Lisa Allen. Dr Sandy Zalstein was a highly respected and honoured anaesthestist in Tasmania with a specialisation in trauma and emergency medicine and care. 

Guests included past and present regional committee chairs and regional coordinators.

Guests then moved onto the deck for some beautiful Tasmanian food and wine. A gin tasting table was also available to try specialised Tasmanian hopped gins and locally procured lemon/lime limoncello.


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Victorian Trainee Committee news

Elected annually by Victorian (VIC) trainees, the VIC Trainee Committee acts as a conduit between trainees and fellows in the region, and the ANZCA Council. The newly elected VIC Trainee Committee had their first meeting on Monday 5 February.

The elected members for 2024 include:

  • Dr Ryan Adams
  • Dr Imogen Ackerly
  • Dr Alexandra Drucker
  • Dr Stefanie Fabris
  • Dr Ifrah Khan
  • Dr Edward Lim
  • Dr Victor Pasternacki
  • Dr Queennie Reyes
  • Dr Yannick Roosje
  • Dr Lucas Taranto
  • Dr Deniz Tat
  • Dr Bryan Yip

At the meeting, Dr Imogen Ackerly was elected as Chair and Dr Deniz Tat elected deputy chair. The VIC trainee committee thanked outgoing co-chairs, Dr Kas Wickramarachchi and Dr Noni Harold for their commitment and support during their tenure. If you would like to contact the committee, please email [email protected].

Recent courses & events

The Victorian Final Exam Refresher and Final Anatomy course ran from 12-16 February and Monday 19 February at ANZCA House, with 89 trainees registering for the final course and 66 trainees registering for the final anatomy course.
We would like to extend our thanks to our course convenor Dr Glenn Downey for his continuing support.
We would also like to thank our course presenters for their dedication and support.
Final Refresher Course: Dr Earlene Silvapulle, Dr Jonathon Chong, Dr Peter Howe, Dr Lahiru Amaratunge, Dr Ben Slater, Dr Joel Symons, Associate Professor Neil Strathmore, Dr Charles Kim, Dr Ron Glick, Dr Simon Hendel, Dr Annabel Orr, Dr Glenn Downey, Dr Andrew Robinson, Dr Craig Noonan, Dr Steven Gaff, Dr Matt Blair, Dr Doug Hacking, Dr Libby Cawson, Dr Josh Lau, Dr Maryanne Balkin, Dr Andrew Melville, Dr Matthew Durie, Dr Sze Ying Ng, Dr Peter McCall.
Final Anatomy course: Dr Elliot Schulberg, Dr Michael Ng, Dr Gerard Stainsby, Dr Mark Adams
The Victorian Introduction to Anaesthesia course took place on 23 February at ANZCA House. The day comprised of a variety of presentations from trainees, fellows and supervisors of training followed by social drinks to conclude the day.
Thank you to all the trainees who attended and a huge thank you to our convenor Dr Adriana Bibbo for her fantastic commitment and Dr Jason Bishop, Dr Arno Crous and Dr Lauren De Koning for their support in facilitating the event. We would also like to thank our presenters and supervisors who volunteered their time to present:
Introduction to Anaesthesia: Dr Adriana Bibbo, Dr Jason Bishop, Dr Arno Crous, Dr Lauren De Koning, Dr Tarin Ward, Dr Stuart Watson, Dr John Webster, Dr Jared Vuren Van Es, Dr Tabara Dione, Dr Claire Atwood, Dr Imogen Ackerly, Dr Jason Kong, Dr Daniel Kratochvil, Dr Gwendolyn Stewart, Dr Juliana Kok, Dr Jane Doan.    


Upcoming trainee courses and events in 2024

2024 CME events – save the dates!

Please contact the VRC secretariat should you have any queries and/or to express interest in attending either of our courses/events.

E: [email protected]
T: 03 8517 5313

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WA Trainee Committee news

Elected annually by Western Australia (WA) trainees, the WA Trainee Committee acts as a conduit between trainees and fellows in the region, and the ANZCA Council. The newly elected WA Trainee Committee had its first meeting on 15 February 2024.

The elected members for 2024 include:

  • Dr Sarah O'Brien
  • Dr Rebecca Wood
  • Dr Matthew Avery
  • Dr Ashleigh Cargill
  • Dr Elizabeth Carr
  • Dr Ethan Fitzclarence
  • ​Dr Teegan Hartwig

At the meeting, Dr Sarah O’Brien and Dr Rebecca Wood were elected as Co-Chairs.

If you have any queries or concerns that you would like to discuss with a member of the WA Trainee Committee, you are welcome to contact them directly via: [email protected].

EO SOT Committee news

The EO/SOT Committee held their annual dinner meeting on Wednesday 31 January 2023, at Steve’s Bar and Café, Nedlands. Dr Jay Bruce, ANZCA WA Education Officer, welcomed new Supervisor of Training, Dr Kevin Chan. This was also the last meeting for Dr Bruce as WA Education Officer.

As of February 2024 the WA Education Officer Team will comprise:

  • Dr Alan Ch’Ng: WA Education Officer
  • Dr Tamsyn Williams: WA Deputy Education Officer
  • Dr Annie Carlton: WA Deputy Education Officer
  • Dr Jay Bruce: WA Deputy Education Officer (period of up to 6 months)

We would like to sincerely thank Dr Bruce for her commitment and tireless work in the role of WA Education Officer for over 12 years.

Introduction to anaesthesia

The Introduction to Anaesthesia is run yearly in all regions and New Zealand to welcome new trainees into the ANZCA training program.

The course is a face-to-face, full day event aimed at providing introductory trainees with information that is relevant to them and their training. It is also a fantastic opportunity to meet other trainees in the training program and build friendships and connections.

WA 2024 IAT participants

This year, WA invited 18 new trainees to the course which was held on 9 February at the ANZCA WA Office. We once again welcomed guest speakers including trainees, supervisors of training and consultants to discuss professionalism and performance, ANZCA resources, the Training Portfolio System, welfare, mentoring and training.

ANZCA WA would like to thank the fellows and trainees who provided support and expertise during the course. We would also like to offer our sincerest thanks to WA Deputy Education Officer Dr Annie Carlton for the time and effort in facilitating the course.

Gilbert Troup Prize

Congratulations to Olivia Fitzpatrick who won the 2023 Gilbert Troup Prize. This prize is sponsored by ANZCA and the ASA in collaboration with The University of Western Australia.

Dr Wally Thompson prize in anaesthetics

Congratulations to Alex Majri who was presented the Dr Wally Thompson Prize in Anaesthetics by Dr Wally Thompson. This prize is sponsored by ANZCA and the ASA in collaboration with The University of Notre Dame.

Dr Wally Thompson and Alex Majri

Trainee information evenings

The WA Education Officer, Dr Alan Ch’Ng, and the WA Rotational Anaesthesia Training Program (WA RATP) coordinators are inviting prospective trainees to attend one of the WA RATP information evenings; either face-to-face at the ANZCA WA Office on 7 March, or online on 15 April.

To register your interest in attending one of the sessions, please contact us

WA Final Exam Preparation Course

The WA Final Exam Preparation Course provides access to evening tutorials for up to 12 months prior to your exam. Interactive, small group discussions about a wide range of topics are facilitated by specialists.
Registrations are available online:

For any questions, please contact Ineke Krom, ANZCA WA Administrative Officer.

2024 ACE WA Autumn Scientific Meeting

The ACE WA Committee have met and determined it is important to increase the availability and accessibility of CPD in WA in alignment with the new CPD requirements and increasing requests for virtual options. The Autumn Scientific Meeting will not be held in 2024, in its place, a lecture series will be held once a month in the ANZCA WA office. This format will be trialled for 2024 to determine its viability for the future.
This change allows for topics and meetings to be scheduled as issues arise within certain areas throughout the year, it also allows us to record the sessions using the Zoom room and making them available online.
The evenings will be themed according to prominent topics, and will include lectures, workshops, and practical sessions such as CICO and ALS.
The Nerida Dilworth presentations will be presented during a research evening in May, the Bunny Wilson Lecture will be accompanied by a Friday evening dinner in July.
Face to face attendance is encouraged to continue the vital importance of networking, social and collegial opportunities.
The ACE WA Country Conference will be held from the 15-17 November 2024 at the Pullman Resort in Bunker Bay, convened by KEMH.
The ACE WA committee are looking for new members, if you have an interest in education and would like to assist in developing CPD opportunities for the WA anaesthetic community, please get in touch.
Registrations for these events will be available via the ANZCA event webpage, if you have any queries, please contact us.

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